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Stephen Offutt is one of the nation's preeminent medical malpractice attorneys. In 2014 the National Trial Lawyers Association named Mr. Offutt as one of the 100 Best Trial Lawyers.

This particular recognition came following a 2013 verdict he obtained on behalf of a little boy named "Jordan". The jury in that case returned a verdict in the amount of THIRTY THREE MILLION FOUR HUNDRED THOUSANDS DOLLARS $33,400,000.00).

Jordan had been caused catastrophic brain damage at birth which later developed into a condition known as "Cerebral Palsy". His brain damage was due to the medical negligence of his Health Care Providers. The injuries were so severe that he would need 24/7 care for the rest of his life. His mother needed help in obtaining justice for Jordan but the attorneys she initially approached declined. These attorneys probably declined because they were concerned that the case would be too difficult and costly for them to pursue. It is no secret in the legal community that taking on a case like this will require that attorney to go up against the Multi-Billion dollar insurance industry and the lawyers they will hire will spare no expense to defend the Health Care Providers responsible for the harm caused. It is an all out war and the insurance industry has endless resources.

The case eventually came to Mr. Offutt who reviewed the merits of the case very closely with the assistance of medical experts. He determined that it was a clear case of medical negligence and the jury later agreed. Mr. Offutt filed suit on behalf of Jordan and after several years of relentless and aggressive work, the jury returned a verdict for Jordan in the amount of 33.4 Million dollars. Mr. Offutt then had a "Special Needs Trust" (SNT) established for Jordan that would take care of him for the rest of his life.

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3. (Click here for jury verdict in Jordan's case)

Jordan's verdict was the largest in Tennessee history. Fighting the Billion dollar Insurance Industry is tough, but Mr. Offutt has obtained other record breaking verdicts in his career. In Minnesota he won a 15.5 Million dollar verdict on behalf of "Dhevyn" - another little boy needlessly injured at birth and caused to suffer Cerebral Palsy. Again, a SNT fund was set up to care for Dhevyn for the rest of his life.

4. (Click here for jury verdict in Dhevyn's case)

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The National Trial Lawyers Association is not the only respected attorney rating organizations that has recognized Mr. Offutt's skills and accomplishments. Martindale-Hubbell® has repeatedly awarded him its highest possible rating (AV) for legal ability and professional ethics.

Others such as Super Lawyers® , AVVO and THE MILLION DOLLAR ADVOCATES FORUM have also identified him as one of the nation's top attorneys.


Prior to 2004 Mr. Offutt worked for the insurance industry as a defense attorney representing defendants accused of negligently causing harm to others. As a defense attorney, he had a jury trial success rate of better than 95%.

In 1999, the Institute Of Medicine (IOM) published a very important report entitled "To Err Is Human - Building A Safer Health System". In this report they exposed "the nation's epidemic of medical errors". The report was based on two independent in depth studies concerning the estimates of "preventable" medical errors that kill patients in hospitals in the United States. This peer reviewed report exposed the harsh reality that negligent care by Hospitals and their employees is by some estimates the 8th leading cause of death in America.

"Health care in the United States is not as safe as it should be--and can be. At least 44,000 people, and perhaps as many as 98,000 people, die in hospitals each year as a result of medical errors that could have been prevented, according to estimates from two major studies. Even using the lower estimate, deaths due to medical errors exceed the number attributable to the 8th-leading cause of death.

More people die in a given year as a result of medical errors than from motor vehicle accidents or breast cancer. "

"This report describes a serious concern in health care that, if discussed at all, is discussed only behind closed doors. As health care and the system that delivers it become more complex, the opportunities for errors abound. Correcting this will require a concerted effort by the professions, health care organizations, purchasers, consumers, regulators and policy-makers."

The full text of this report is available at:

This report talks about what it will take to correct this problem. The concerted effort they talk about includes the jury system. Jurors have incredible power to right the wrongs inflicted upon the individual by the powerful. The jury has the power to send a message to the medical profession and demand that proper care be given to patients.

Since this report came out in 1999 there have been two more studies that have concluded that the problem is actually getting worse. (J. Patient Saf. Volume 9, Number 3, September 2013)

In 2004, Mr. Offutt was approached by a prestigious patient advocate group to join their firm. He accepted the position and began his career working for individuals like Jordan and Dhevyn needlessly injured or killed by the negligence of medical institutions and their employees.

Supreme Court of the United States
State and Federal courts of Maryland,
District of Columbia
State and Federal Courts of Minnesota

Due to Mr. Offutt's abilities and experience he has been asked by attorneys and clients from around the country to represent them. However, if he is not licensed in a particular State then a Motion must be filed asking the court to approve his representation of that individual in their State or Federal court. Mr. Offutt has never been denied approval.

Mr. Offutt has been granted special permission in the following State and Federal courts :
West Virginia
North Carolina
South Carolina

DeMatha Catholic High School
University of Maryland undergraduate, BA degree in Law Enforcement and Psychology
University of Baltimore law school, Juris Doctorate 1988

Untied States Supreme Court
Maryland State Bar
Maryland Federal Bar
District of Columbia State Bar
District of Columbia Federal Bar
Minnesota State Bar
Minnesota Federal Bar

American Association of Justice (AAJ)
Maryland Association for Justice (MAJ)
Public Justice
American Bar Association
Birth Trauma Litigation Group, (BTLG)
Maryland Bar Association
Minnesota Bar Association
District of Columbia Bar Association

Stephen Offutt is now a named partner at the firm of Wais, Vogelstein, Forman & Offutt, LLC.

His e-mail address is

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